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Bringing worlds to life.

Illustration is how we got into the design game so it only makes sense that it's something we specialize in! 

We love illustration much for the same reasons we love color. Small changes in texture and line weight can make all of the difference. We have dedicated years to analyzing and breaking down illustrations which have allowed us to become comfortable playing in and creating many different styles. 

We don't think illustration should be kept to the side for only the funky consumer facing businesses. We think illustration can be used in every industry to make content more engaging and accessible. 


Illustration for Everyone

We think illustration is a grossly underused medium in branding. Illustrations are great for conveying complex ideas through simple imagery, something that is important for all businesses.

While most people tend to think of illustrations for funky consumer-facing businesses, the majority of our clients are B2B or service based. 


A Focus on Inclusion

We love illustration, especially for branding for the ability to be intentional with every element. 

We are able to represent all of your customers and clients in the characters we create. We can design robust scenarios that take many different experiences into account.

Illustration allows us to be flexible and intentional with every element in your world.


People at the Center

At the end of the day, brands are composed of people trying to make a product or service for others to enjoy. 

When you see a well-crafted, intentional, and specific illustration, it's impossible not to imagine the person making that design.


Someone thought to add those glasses to the statue. Someone thought to include a disabled queer couple. It brings it back to being human.

Illustration Projects

Some Light Reading


Working with [TwoLips] on 2 different branding projects was a great experience. They do great work supported by a collaborative process in which they really listen and seek feedback to make sure everyone is proud of the results.

Lana Wood, Illustration + Branding Client


  • How long will it take to build my website?
    We think it's bold to give a set answer on the internet but we also think this is a super valid question. So we'll give a range from our history. Typically, it takes between 6-8 weeks to go from the start of a project to the having a website ready to launch. The more exact answer of course is, it depends. It depends on how many pages you need. It depends on if you already have a website that we're pulling content from. It depends on if you need assistance with creating the content. But all in all, most websites with 4-5 core pages take between 6-8 weeks to have completed.
  • What do you use to build websites?
    We are pretty bullish when it comes to building on Wix but at the end of the day, we are flexible so we'll also build on Squarespace or Webflow (sorry, we're no Wordpress over here).
  • Why do you use web builders?
    The first answer is they are a lot faster than custom coding you a site. But they are also incredibly powerful, secure, and user-friendly. This means at the end of the day we're able to build you a beautiful site quickly, more affordably, and you'll be able to maintain it for the day-to-day!
  • How can I get a beautiful, TwoLips Creative designed website??
    We love that question! The first step is easy, reach out to Olivia at saying you're looking for a new, beautiful website and she'll be in touch with scheduling a Discovery Call!
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