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Brand Design

Building the foundation.

When most think of branding, they are most commonly thinking of a visual identity. The logo, the fonts, the colors, the designs. In other words, how your company looks. Truly great brands are so much more than their logo. It's their mission and vision and how they engage with their customers. It's how they treat their employees. It's your return policy and how you respond to angry emails. It's how you talk about things that are important and not so important. Great branding is showing, not telling and the visual identity preps your customers and employees on what they can expect.

Simply put, branding at its core is how your company makes your customers and employees feel. 


Consistency, Consistency

If you take nothing else from us,  let it be this. Consistency, consistency, consistency. 

This means having unified messaging, values, and designs across all company touchpoints. This consistency will help your audience recognize you from your competitors. But it will also help you build a relationship with your customers because familiarity builds trust. 


Evoke a Feeling

Our process for creating a visual identity for a new brand is rather straightforward. How do you want to make people feel when they engage with your product or service? Do you want them to feel energized? Relaxed? Trusting or empowered? 

Once we understand how you want your customers to feel, we can start putting forward the elements and messaging to reflect that.


Everything is Branding

At this point, we hope we've driven home the idea that branding is more than just your logo or colors. 

Often when beloved companies receive public backlash, it's because their actions or decisions do not align with their messaging.

Branding should be part of your company's foundation. It should be used to help make decisions at all levels.

Branding Projects

Some Light Reading

We thank YOU so much for all of your support for WASN this year. Working with y'all truly gave us the confidence to launch, and the website has become the backbone of our outward-facing communications! 

Liliana C, Branding Client


  • How long will it take to build my website?
    We think it's bold to give a set answer on the internet but we also think this is a super valid question. So we'll give a range from our history. Typically, it takes between 6-8 weeks to go from the start of a project to the having a website ready to launch. The more exact answer of course is, it depends. It depends on how many pages you need. It depends on if you already have a website that we're pulling content from. It depends on if you need assistance with creating the content. But all in all, most websites with 4-5 core pages take between 6-8 weeks to have completed.
  • What do you use to build websites?
    We are pretty bullish when it comes to building on Wix but at the end of the day, we are flexible so we'll also build on Squarespace or Webflow (sorry, we're no Wordpress over here).
  • Why do you use web builders?
    The first answer is they are a lot faster than custom coding you a site. But they are also incredibly powerful, secure, and user-friendly. This means at the end of the day we're able to build you a beautiful site quickly, more affordably, and you'll be able to maintain it for the day-to-day!
  • How can I get a beautiful, TwoLips Creative designed website??
    We love that question! The first step is easy, reach out to Olivia at saying you're looking for a new, beautiful website and she'll be in touch with scheduling a Discovery Call!
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