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When Parsley initially came to us they were 'Opportunity Calculator' and while the name was descriptive, it didn't exactly roll off the tongue. Parsley is a startup that has built a tool that helps individuals avoid the benefits cliff by explaining just what benefits they qualify for, and how that will impact their overall income, in an easy-to-understand way.

​The challenge was to create a brand that benefit seekers could trust and relate to, whilst not turning away potential employers who will be Parsley's clients. They also informed us that they were seeking out employers as clients who wanted to be good employers because, at the end of the day, that is who would see the benefit of their product.


When talking with the team, it was clear that direct and transparent communication was important. We set out to create a brand that was direct, relatable, and still slightly aspirational.

​The name Parsley came from the idea of 'parsing through information as well as being an easily recognizable herb that signifies growth and freshness. The colors we chose are bold, yet professional; classic with a twist.

​Finally, we knew we wanted diverse illustrated characters who benefit seekers could relate to that could help explain the complicated concepts.

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