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WASN Branding


Wisconsin Abortion Support Network




After the leaking of the Supreme Court documents surrounding the Dobbs decision, the importance of the Wisconsin Abortion Support Network (WASN) became even more apparent. WASN came to us looking to create a visual identity that made it clear whom they were servicing, individuals who are seeking options during pregnancy, in a safe and non-judgmental way.

​It was also important that we created a visual identity that was inclusive, representative of the diversity of folks who seek abortions and demonstrated trustworthiness.


Many organizations in WASN's industry tend to lean into hyper-feminine, sad, and heavy branding due to the topic of abortions. We knew we wanted to create a different experience for folks working with WASN.

​We chose warm, soft tones for the color palate and wanted to create characters who felt real; like they could be your neighbors or local barista. Throughout the entire design process, we checked the design against the concept "Does this evoke the feeling of having tea with a friend?"

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