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Your Website Should be Evolving

One of the things a lot of our clients struggle with, is figuring out what information or layout they want for their website. It’s not just traditional copywriting struggles or formatting, which is always challenging. But the fear of putting something out that isn’t 100% perfect; that the wording isn’t exactly right or that they aren’t going to explain the value prop with the greatest efficiency.

And I know putting words and information out into the world often is incredibly scary, but the beautiful part of websites today is that you should be reworking it. They are not set it and forget it. As you learn more about what questions potential clients have or as you hone in on your target customer, you will hone in on how you explain your service or product. And your website will change. That’s a good thing!

This is partially why I love using tools, especially with early stage startups who are still very much in the customer discovery phase, that are user-friendly in terms of editing. Because realistically, it doesn’t matter how many times we work through slight variations of describing your service, there almost always will be a better way to do it that will only be found by talking with your customers. And once you identify that new value prop or new target audience, you can adjust your website as needed.

Just like product iteration, website iteration is just part of the process. Sometimes it takes A LOT of iteration as is the case of our website.


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