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Let's Talk About Homepages: Part 1

Updated: Dec 29, 2022


Today (and for possibly a while, at least long enough for it to make sense to have this post be a 'part 1',) I'll be talking about homepages. Why homepages? Well, think of your homepage as the face of your website, the first impression between you and them, the split second to fall in love or avert the eyes quickly.

First, let's get on the same page: websites are a must for your business/brand in 2021. No, it's not enough to "just have Facebook &/ Instagram &/ Yelp, &/ whatever-other-social media you made a year ago. I'm not suggesting you need to have a crazy complicated site in which a potential customer can see check your inventory live or chat you questions at all hours of the day. You just need something on a site that you own and control. Social media, and Facebook in particular, is a fickle foe. They change functionality on a whim and its a constant guessing game. Additionally, social medias go in and out of favor, and often require an account to use the full functionality. Why force your customers to pat Zuck's pockets, being bombarded with bad ads while just trying to see if you're open today? It's mean, don't do it.

Alright, now that we agree that Facebook is a burden on society, let's move on to my #1 top tip for your homepage, and realizing how long this blog post already is, the only tip I'll offer for part 1: Keep It ~Simple~. Please, for all of us on the internet don't make me read paragraphs of information when I go to your website. Use a header image, or carousel if you must. Do not auto play your slow motion dough making process with piano music. I understand its beautiful and you paid a videographer the big bucks, I'm glad you did! I want your pizza, I do! To be clear, you can play your video, just make sure it loads quick and does NOT have sound unless I turn it on. If there is sound that plays the second I load your page you'll give me MySpace flashbacks (yes, I'm that old) and I'll never visit again, ever. Ok last thing, how do I keep it simple? Do some research! What are websites YOU like, or at the very least don't mind? What do you like about them? Jot down some notes and reflect on it. Consider if you this website looks good on your phone and computer. Can you scroll? Do you know where the menu bar is? Can you find what you need quickly? If you're a nerd like I am, check out Webby Awards and discover some amazing websites for inspo.


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