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Homepages: Part 2

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Welcome back to my tips/tricks/advice/shaming all about HOMEPAGES.

Last time I wrote about: YES you need a website, not just social media and provided Tip 1: Keep It Simple.

Today, I'll be talking about should actually be on your homepage. I could make you read this all in paragraph form, but in the spirit of Tip 1, I'll be Keeping It Simple and providing you with nice bullet points. So please, skim on.

What to put on your homepage:

  1. Social media links

    1. Preferably on your footer

  2. Contact info

    1. Also on your footer!

    2. You'll want to put as many relevant ways to contact you. Relevant as in: if you don't check your email don't even bother listing it. But really, if you don't check your email I'm a little surprised you have a website!

  3. High quality original images

    1. If you really, really must use stock photog, check out our previous blog post about how to use ones that aren't terrible

    2. However, I really do want to encourage you to shell out some $ and get professional photography for your website. Quick iPhone snaps are fine for your IG, but not for your nice homepage.

    3. Side note: make sure these high quality photos load quickly! How do I do this? Google "how to optimize high quality images for website". Why am I not telling you the answer right now? Because web stuff changes often! If you are reading this in 2023, the info I had about image optimization in 2021 might have changed.

  4. Call to action

    1. What is a call to action?

    2. A call to action is what pulls your visitor in, what engages them. It provides the visitor the REASON for visiting your site.

    3. A call to action can look very different depending on the purpose of your website. Is your site a pizza place? Your call to action should be something like "Click to order". Is your site a super cool virtual world? Your call to action is probably something like "Enter" or "How to explore this world".

Alright, that's it for now. Simple, short, concise. (Maybe I'll write about that next time...)


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