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Where do I start with branding?

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

We’ve talked about in other blogs how branding is everything but that’s not exactly helpful, or even comforting when you’re getting started. Especially when you’re thinking about the other million things that are required to start a business.

So where do you start?

The answer is surprisingly simple. How do you want to make people who engage with your business feel? That’s it. Don’t worry about your logo, your colors, your website, your tagline, your packaging. Start with how you want to make people feel. Every other decision, whether it’s the kind of packaging you use or the collaborations you forge should reinforce how you want people to feel when they engage with your business.

What does that actually look like?

We find it incredibly helpful to actually sit down and write out 5-6 adjectives on how you want your customers, clients, users, or partners to feel.

These words might include:

  • Bold

  • Creative

  • Friendly

  • Welcomed

  • Warm

  • Curious

  • Safe

  • Nostalgic

  • Empowered

  • Serious

  • Witty

  • Adventurous

  • Cared for

You get the point.

This can be as simple as deciding your business model. For instance, if your goal is to make your customer feel safe, you probably don’t want to rely on selling their data. Or maybe you include links to existing resources on your initial landing page because you want clients to feel empowered.

Then as you’re making decisions across your business whether that’s for your logo design or widescale awareness campaign, use these feelings and phrases as your goal posts. Colors, fonts, styles, these will all change over time. But a strong brand can successfully grow through these changes by keeping values and how customers feel at their core.


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About The Author

Olivia Wisden is the Founder + CEO of UnderBelly Creative. She has worked with dozens of brands over the years ranging from city initiatives to product launches and beyond. When she’s not fan-girling over the design team’s illustrations she can probably be found reading a novel or attending a boxing class.


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