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Design Should be Fun. Pt: 2

At the beginning of the year we wrote our first blog on the concept “Design should be fun”. This philosophy, that design shouldn’t just be good or beautiful or functional, but it should be fun, is one that has been core to TwoLips since the beginning. Even at the beginning of the year I wasn’t very good at articulating why fun was the right word. And why we believe fun should hold just as much weight at the other descriptors that are far more traditional in design.

But over the year, we’ve discussed this concept more. As we’ve honed in what fun actually means to us as an agency, and as we’ve learned more about design and art and business, I think I’m more prepared to talk about why we believe Design Should be Fun. Consider this part 2.

When we’re talking about fun, we’re not talking about only using bright colors, or bold fonts, or wild formats. We’re not talking out removing nuance or depth or keeping everything light. What we mean is creating something that is engaging, creative, and makes people want to learn more. When viewing fun through this lens, you can see how the final form is limitless.

And I think part of the reason I hold this belief so tight it, something that might seem frivolous at first glance, is because for so long “good design” or “design worthy of being taken seriously” has been limited. To be professional meant being serious, to desire clean lines, limited color, and a hyper focus on functionality. But at what cost? When everything feels the same, when trends are taken to their nth degree, what does that leave us with?

I didn’t mean for this blog to take such an existential turn. But when we say we take fun seriously, the proof is in the pudding.

Fun design means engaging designs. It means creative designs. It means brands and websites that tell a story and evoke a feeling. It reminds you that at the other end of what you’re seeing, of what you’re holding, is just another person trying to share an experience with you.

Fun design keeps people at the core. Both as a business, and as a consumer. We are not robots. We desire a world filled with beauty and interest. And we desire fun. And if you'd like to see some of this concept in the wild, I highly recommend this TikTok from Ahmani.


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Profile picture of Olivia Wisden, author of this blog post as well as the CEO/Founder of UnderBelly Creative.

About The Author

Olivia Wisden is the Founder + CEO of TwoLips Creative. She has worked with dozens of brands over the years ranging from city initiatives to product launches and beyond. When she’s not fan-girling over the design team’s illustrations she can probably be found reading a novel or attending a boxing class.


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