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Wild Thymes Farm




Wild Thymes Farm owners Aly & Will are some of the few local, small-batch chicken farmers in Colorado. They wanted a fun, whimsical brand that felt both professional and playful.

They sell a premium product at an approachable price but are still more expensive than grocery store alternatives. They wanted their customers to connect with their chickens and their story.


The name 'Wild Thymes Farm' was created during the Pandemic and plays with the idea of the unprecedented times we are living through. Being their chickens are their primary product, we knew we wanted to incorporate them into the iconography.

Will had hand-carved their farm's sign and we recreated that font digitally for their primary logo. In order to showcase Aly's playful personality and the uniqueness of the farm, we came up with the idea of one of their chickens wearing a thyme flower crown.

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