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Top Note Tonic Sodas


Top Note




Top Note Tonic has built it's reputation and branding around being some of the best cocktail mixers on the market. The brand has built a loyal following in the midwest for it's use of natural ingredients and taking flavors seriously. Top Note came to us to help launch an entirely new product line: Sodas.

Our goal was to design a can that still felt true to Top Note but also highlighted a new vision of the future of the brand.


We wanted to create a brand that stood out from the current trends and leaned in to a more classic direction. We used the Top Note red, a color that has been used for their logo and for all bottle caps since the beginning, as our base. The trick was finding additional colors the complimented the red while also acting as a flavor signifier. From there, we leaned into the botanical focus of these new sodas to create custom line drawings that would act as a pattern as well as additional elements for marketing material.

Additionally, we illustrated a limited edition 'Sip, Pour, Repeat' poster to celebrate the launch of the soda line.

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