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Nommli is a meal delivery service that is connecting people and cultures through food. Through nommli you are able to order exclusive family-style meals from different restaurants around the midwest featuring cuisines from around the world.

The challenge we faced was to stand out in a crowded space that often is a race to the bottom for meal delivery services. Nommli wanted to distinguish itself as more than just another delivery app; it's a space that highlights the people and cultures from around the world and brings them to your doorstep.


Our goal was to create a brand that is rich in color and patterns to reflect the incredible cultures that nommli highlights. Nommli already had an initial set of colors with their pink, yellow and blue and we wanted to punch up the richness and did so by expanding the color palette.

We also knew that as meal delivery startup, they would need a lot of different branded printed materials. So we created a set of patterns using the words 'Culture', 'Food', and 'nommli' that could easily be added to any print material without having to hire us to create every piece of collateral.

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