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Joystik Life


Joystik Life




Joystik Life is a startup that is building a better solution for meditation, mindfulness , and mental health. Through scientifically-backed methods of autogenics and conditioning, they are providing users with a simple solution to help decrease stress, anxiety, while increasing performance and improving sleep.

Joystik Life is setting out to disrupt the mental health and mindfulness space with their solution and so wanted a brand and visual identity that reinforced that mission. They came to us with a specific idea in mind: Retro-wave video games.


Joystik came to us with their mood board and a set of colors. From there we built out initial assets that would reinforce the boldness of their mission. We also knew we would be speaking to Gen Z and Millennials, so we doubled-down on the retro arcade style with the logo and initial assets.

Due to the complexity of the logo, we created a logo system that would accommodate the various use cases from app splash screen to investor pitch decks to merch and beyond.

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