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Food Waste Campaign


City of Madison




The City of Madison was chosen to be a part of the NRDC midwest cohort. Their task was to create a city-wide awareness campaign regarding an environmental cause. Madison chose the issue of Food Waste.

We wanted to create a campaign that would appeal to a wide range of audiences, and still be fun, informative, and specific to Madison.


We knew we wanted a poster series targeting the different components of the campaign. When the team told us the four steps of reducing food waste, Plan, Use, Create, Compost, we knew that was our series.

​We created a unique character for each poster and put them in action. We then worked with local artist Araceli Zuniga, to create magical backgrounds to bring the worlds to life. The backgrounds also acted as a way to tie each character specifically to Madison. For the second year, we expanded the world we had created with the original campaign and created a 'Composting at Home' zine guide that aids individuals who are starting their own backyard composting.

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