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Clock'd + SEEN






Clock'd is an all-in-one staffing service and platform specifically designed for the service and hospitality industry. SEEN is the in-house Applicant Tracking System built and designed by Clock'd. Together, Clock'd + SEEN are able to provide personalized staffing solutions for businesses of all sizes.

The service industry has changed drastically in the fact of COVID, meaning Clock'd has had to make numerous pivots to best support their clients. This meant that their previous branding + messaging was no longer reflecting their services. Additionally, with the expansion into SEEN, Clock'd need to have a brand that also showcased it's SaaS side.


Clock'd had a long history of incredibly loyal clients who had worked with them for years and raved about their services. We knew we wanted to build a brand that reflected that loyalty. The SEEN ATS was built specifically for the busy hospitality manager. This meant that the process was incredibly simple to use and did not include unnecessary features. In other words, it was clear and direct. Something that is highly valued in the service industry.

We wanted this clear, directness to be included throughout the brand. This meant removing jargon and overly complicated illustrations. But we also wanted a brand that was bold and cool, that felt more like a hip pop-up taco restaurant than SaaS business.

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