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Brand Bloom


Brand Bloom




Brand Bloom came to us because they had grown a lot since their founding and were looking for their brand to reflect their target clients: women-owned small businesses looking to expand their digital marketing initiatives. Allie, Brand Bloom's founder & CEO, wanted a brand that stood out from the field of digital marketing agencies and highlighted their relationship-based focus.


When Brand Bloom approached us to handle their brand overhaul, we knew we were the ones for the job when they emphasized the need for color. They wanted to stand loud and proud behind their brand or in Allie's words "I want to be jealous of our brand".

When designing the logo system we wanted to keep the flower motif on the nose, while playing with movement. This came through with the looping 'L' in the full Brand Bloom logo. We carried this looping feature throughout the brand system both in the more complex flower and in social media assets. We wanted to keep the colors the star of the show and keep the brand pretty simple yet robust. We were able to do this through various brand patterns and layering of elements to create a maximalist yet clean brand.

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