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What's The Future

When the pandemic hit, we had to cancel over a half-dozen events that were planned. We quickly saw the rise of mediocre virtual events. We wanted to do something different.

The idea was to create an interactive, virtual festival that blended a digital and physical experience. 

We ended up creating our most ambitious event to date that you can still experience!

We hired 4 local artists, 2 visual and 2 audio, and a developer to bring WTF to life. The idea was to create two separate futures, a dystopia and a utopia, that attendees could navigate through. The final product was a cross between a first-person video game meets a graphic novel.

Both visual artists created their own unique worlds and storyline. We then partnered them with a music producer to create the soundscape to bring the world to life. Our developer then took the artists' stills and original music and built an interactive website filled with multiple different endings and easter eggs.

We topped this video game-style experience with a weekend-long virtual festival that included panel discussions, dance parties, DJ sets, original playlists, and an active Discord channel.  We designed a simple app to make it easier for guests to access all components of the festival.

WTF eventbright (2).png

We created all the promotional material for the event. Our vision was to embrace a retro space videogame theme. We were initially inspired by the original Space Jams website.

We gave the artists full range of their worlds but it was up to us to bridge the gap and create a theme that connected these very distinct worlds. This included:

  • Event logo

  • Social media posts

  • Transition pages

  • Event pages

  • Promotional pieces

  • Twitch stream overlays

  • Physical tickets

WTF logo (1).png
monitor (2).png

What's The Future?

A Choose-Your-Own Experience Virtual Event.

Here are a few tips to make your WTF experience better.

  • DO NOT explore WTF on your phone; use a computer or tablet

  • DO NOT use your computer's browser navigations (back, forward, refresh)

    •  Use the navigation provided in the worlds

  • Use a Chrome web browser (Link here how to access full experience using Safari browser)

  • Use headphones, especially if multiple people are exploring the worlds in your house

  • Go through each world more than once

  • Take your time. It will take at least 2 hours to experience both worlds entirely but you can break that up into smaller, bite-sized chunks. 

Extra Activities -- These can be accessed on phones or computers

  • WTF App. This provides links to all activities and events.

  • WTF Twitch. This is how you can watch all the live stream* videos.


*All live-streamed videos are recorded and saved on the WTF Twitch account​


Last but not least, the access code to enter the worlds of WTF is: FCVD

Meet the Creators

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