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Two Lips Projects

Zines | Virtual Events | Fundraisers 

We love doing weird, ambitious projects that push our own limits. In fact, that was part of the final push for us becoming a creative agency. We wanted to be able to continue doing bold projects and maybe help clients do their own.

Below are a few projects that we are particularly proud of.

What's the Future? is above and beyond the most ambitious event we've ever hosted. A virtual, choose-your-own experience video game festival with original art &. music. Below is a sneak peak of the event but if you'd like to experience yourself, you can here

After the murder of George Floyd, we worked with local artist Simone Lawrence to create a 5-part zine series on Systemic Racism in our institutions: Healthcare, K12 Education, Policing, Prisons, Red Lining. 100% of proceeds from these zines went to support Urban Triage, a nonprofit in Madison WI that fights for the empowerment of Black families. To date, we've raised over $1,400 for Urban Triage through our zines. 

You can still purchase the zine series here

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